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All You Need to Know About Hives from Heat

Getting hives is one of the most uncomfortable conditions that you can get. This condition not only causes physical stress, but also, tortures the person with the mental stress from the discomfort.

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Hives are often defined as the red welts or bumps appearing on the skin that can be itchy, painful and swollen at the same time. They are triggered by number of causes and one of the most common causes of hives is heat exposure.

Hives which appear due to heat are called heat hives. As the name implies, heat hives are the hives that appear due to exposure to heat or some other factors that cause heat to be produced in your body. If you don’t know what is causing your hives, you are researching every possible cause, and looking for a solution. Continue reading as we discuss hives, heat hives and their treatment.

What are heat hives?

As its name says, heat hives result from excess heat produced in an individual. As mentioned earlier, there are a number of causes of hives including too much cold, bacterial infection, allergic response or heat exposure. Heat hives are medically known as cholinergic urticaria that is often referred medically as to being hypersensitive or extremely sensitive to heat, or a response to sweating.

Cholinergic means that it is related to a chemical in the body called acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter released by the skin’s nerve endings which initiates the heat hive body response. The excessive heat triggers a response where acetylcholine is released.

People with this condition explain that they feel the need to itch relentlessly when they exercise or get hot. Just like other types of hives, heat hives, or cholinergic urticarial, can occur in any person of any age. However, the majority of cases are estimated to develop in teenagers to early people in their twenties.

The hives can come and go in some persons, or in some, they happen once happen and never come again. The reason for this is unknown which makes it difficult to discover more about the condition. But, the fact is, that this condition can be unbearable.

The symptoms of heat hives

As a human being, there are number of conditions that cause the body temperature to rise including when they are working, are stressed, exercise, or get fever. The sweat due to sun exposure can also cause heat hives and can make a person feel helpless due to itching. Other symptoms of heat hives include:

  • Burning sensation over the affected area
  • Red flushing like when you blush with embarrassment
  • Small hives or bumps that red in color and itchy in nature

In most instances these symptoms will fade away when the temperature of the body begins to come back to its normal temperature. But sometimes, it might just appear suddenly, without any normal effective change in temperature of the body.

Causes of heat hives

As mentioned, most people, including doctors, know what causes heat hives. But there are a number of causes that are seemed to be probable triggers of heat hives which might include:

  • Undiscovered allergens in the environment that get stimulated when the temperature gets hot around the body.
  • It could be some kind of auto-immune disorder, that the patient feels only when he gets hot or exposed to heat
  • It might be caused by the shrinkage or blockage of the sweat glands that tends to raise the temperature of the body, thereby causing intense itching, pain and burning sensation
  • A deficiency of some vitamin, nutrient or mineral can be aggravating the situation, that imbalances the histamine amounts in the body, resulting in heat hives

What to do about heat hives?

No matter whatever is causing this condition, it is a severe and terrible condition that needs to be treated instantly and effectively to produce relief. For this, you can make use of any kind of prickly heat powder or lotion that is made to reduce the itching and temperature of the area.

Moreover, you can try the Natural Cure for Hives which is a step-by-step thorough guide for the natural treatment of hives.

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